Daily weigh-recognized way to lose weight

Scientists from the United States stated that daily weighing helps weight loss, about this informed the portal EurekAlert. This habit, as shown by the data obtained by the American specialists increases the effectiveness of control over the abuse of calories, which increases weight.

Concluded that daily weighing can work as a quite effective way of weight loss researchers came from watching a group of 1000 people, who had excess body weight and want to lose weight. The observation lasted a year. The project participants were not given any advice on diet or exercise – experts interested only in how often people weighed, and how much their weight fluctuated during the period of the experiment.

The result revealed that significant weight reduction occurred in those people who weighed six or seven times a week. While the participants from whom the weighing was carried out only once a week, a year not lost at all.

In September, Austrian and British scientists from the University of Queensland and the University of Plymouth was able to detect the dependence of the rate of weight loss from the ability of people to visualize the end result. Those people who imagine and regularly mentally imagine all the details as they will change after weight loss – getting rid of excess weight given a much simpler, said the authors of scientific work.

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