Dairy products can badly affect men’s health

Despite the fact that dairy products in General are very good for the body, men should control the amount of consumed milk products. Experts at Harvard University believe that dairy products can badly affect men’s health – specifically, to decrease the quality of male sperm.

The researchers found that men who are accustomed to eat every day three pieces of cheese, may face deterioration of their own fertility. This conclusion was made after the experiment with the participation of 189 volunteers aged 19 to 25 years. By the beginning of the experiment, all the men were healthy and remained in good physical shape. Experts monitor changes in the performance measures of the subjects ‘ organism in connection with the diet.

It turned out that dairy products can negatively affect men’s health.

“Men who every day consumed three or more servings of milk products, semen worse by 25 percent compared to those who consume such foods only occasionally,” stated the authors.
Scientists say that the benefits of dairy products is undeniable. “Milk” is an excellent source of calcium and vitamin D – nutrients that has proven its positive impact on the condition of the body, strengthening the heart and the immune system. However, the researchers note, men should know that in cheese, ice cream, milk contains female hormones. So – while completely abandon milk products and is not necessary – the representatives of the stronger sex should observe moderation in the consumption of milk and its products, said the experts.

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