Excess salt is not harmful to men as to women

Scientists from the University of Augusta (USA) stated after the study that excess salt in the body is much more harmful for women than for men, which it does not lead to development of hypertension. The arguments of the experts published the journal Hypertension.

Diet with a small amount of salt was only useful for women, said the authors of the work after the experiment with mice.

“We kept mice on a diet with lots of salt a week, and during this time the pressure in their blood vessels increased by 10 millimeters of mercury, which is extremely dangerous from a medical point of view. It was only among females, but not males,” – said leading specialist of the project Jessica Faulkner.
Scientists believe that this specific manifestation of the harm from excess salt in the diet is because salt has a different effect on the blood vessels in the male and female body. In tests with mice, feeding a diet, which consisted of 4% salt led to the fact that females have just a week to several times the increased risk of hypertension and other diseases of the heart, – while the males excess salt the same harm did not bring. According to experts, the female body produces more of the hormone aldosterone to control the rate of withdrawal of water and sodium from the body. In the case of excess salt in males its concentration in the blood falls, causing the kidneys to “take away” from the body extra fluid and sodium. But females have a similar mechanism was not activated, which leads to the accumulation of salt, the thickening of walls of blood vessels, increased pressure.

All this indicates that salt-free diet can be useful only for women, for whom excess salt in the diet significantly harmful in contrast to men, the scientists made a conclusion.

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