Five tips on how to cope with overeating

High-calorie food that causes a rapid increase in the concentration of sugar in the blood, fills the body with energy and improves mood. All this reinforces the habit to consider human food to their antidepressant and promotes overeating. For a person who overeats, characterized by recurrent episodes of eating large amounts of food with a sense of loss of control.

Scientific experts spoke about what can help to cope with overeating and learn how to control the volume of food intake. The doctors gave some advice to better resist the obsession to overeat

Tip one: know the amount of food eaten.We must honestly admit to yourself how much eaten per day. Nutritionists recommend for a few days to record what the person eats and drinks for the day. Sometimes awareness of the harsh reality becomes a powerful incentive to start working on them. In the fight against overeating, the first step could be decisive.

Tip two: carefully chew. To cope with overeating, it is important to train yourself to chew your food, experts stress healthy eating. At first it may seem somewhat pointless, but if long chewing becomes a habit, and health it affects the most favorable way. Solid food should be chewed at least 30 times, and it is better to make up to 50 chewing movements.

Tip three: no products-aggressors. Want to successfully cope with overeating, don’t keep on hand foods-the aggressors, which contribute to a sharp increase in blood sugar. After such sugar spikes make you hungry even more intense. If the impossibility of something to chew on too heavy, use instead of chocolates and cookies, slices of vegetables and fruits.

Tip four: drink water. Water between meals replenishes lost fluids in the body, it activates metabolic processes, protects from attacks of false hunger and prevents overeating in the next meal.

Tip five: there are natural. Try to stop to eat foods ready production that fills the shelves. Discard the semis and all that you can use for a snack, just tearing the wrapper. Organic food, vegetables and fruits contain a rich set of trace elements, which not only brings health benefits but also requires a certain time for digestion. Such products are devoid of artificial additives which have the property to spur appetite. In addition, vegetable production is characterized by an abundance of fiber, which swells in the stomach and helps to cope with overeating.

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