Gostowski sausages from Russian stores checked for quality

“Roskontrol” sent for examination several samples of dairy sausages, issued according to GOST manufacturers. In some of them when testing revealed chemical components which sausages should not be.

In particular, for the verification were selected Gostowski sausages five brands “Cherkizovo”, “Dymov”, “Klinskoe”, “Outskirts” and “Ismail”. As a result, the examiners stated that all of them bought the sausage was safe for health, but not all of them meet the standard.

According to the standard, the dairy sausages must comply with the recipe, which limits added to them ingredients. In accordance with GOST sausages may contain pork, beef, water, eggs, milk, salt, sugar, spices and a strictly regulated list of additives (the product may contain sodium nitrite, antioxidants, acidity regulators and flavour enhancer).

As noted in the “Roskontrol”, in dairy sausages, taken for checks at the beginning of the list of ingredients listed on the package are pork and beef means that the meat in the sausages should be the most. Histological examination showed that the meat in dairy sausages selected brands present in sufficient quantity.

However, the sausages of the two brands was discovered the “secret” ingredient that is not listed on the packaging, vegetable carbohydrate component that is added to products to improve their consistency. This substance, experts have found in dairy sausages Gostovskaya “Dymov” and “Klin” – the result for the discrepancy between the claimed composition and the standard of both products was included in the “black list”.

By results of check to purchase the experts have recommended for purchase three brands of sausages – “Cherkizovo”, “Suburb” and “Ismail”.

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