Here is a dog! Friends, save our health

I think the dog in the house is only dirt and extra care? We have now persuaded!

Dog strengthen your immune system

Scientists from the University of Arizona believe that we began too much to care about hygiene. When a person does not allow the body to deal with threats that its protection unnecessary stops working. The dog will not let you live in sterility: hordes of bacteria with its paws and saliva will keep the immune system in good shape.

Experts from Stanford University even claim that it may 3 times to reduce the risk of developing cancer. But if you have children and animals save them from asthma and allergies.

They make you happier

What we love about dogs? Well, of course, devotion. Their unconditional love to the owner even can save you from depression. Scientists from the U.S. interviewed 6 thousand people and found that dog at home reduces the likelihood of developing this disease by 60-70%. In Western nursing homes this idea long ago have adopted: they include dogs that are saving seniors from feelings of loneliness.

Thanks to the dog we find new friends

British scientists have calculated that 40% of men would prefer to date a girl that has a pet. And they say that pet owners are more confident, sociable and less prone to fears and anxieties.

Add to that the fact that dog walkers often walk in parks and knotted with each other conversations about their Pets – and get a universal recipe for loneliness.

To have the family dog and suggest children with autism. Communication with furry allows the child faster to learn social interaction.

Four-legged best coaches

Especially if your dog weighs 70 pounds – just try to take away your Slippers. Get a load such as in gym class. And canadian scientists found that dog owners walk an average of 300 minutes a week. And those people who have no Pets – only 168 minutes. These walks (especially if you are not lazy and walk to the Park), well have a very beneficial effect on human health.

Everything we now have listed only works under one condition: you must take good care of your four-footed friend. If you are not sure you have enough time and effort, better don’t get a dog. Otherwise, it will bring only disappointment, and it does make unhappy.

Alternatively, it is possible to get a cat. They are easier to care for, and use bring less. Details – in article “9 advantages of cocoteraie: how furry friends save our health”.