How to choose a quality cheese

The experts of consumers Union “Roskontrol” published the data of their audit of the quality of Russian cheese, examined the curd of 9% fat content. The results of the examination showed that almost all manufacturers of cheese added to their products starch. How to choose a safe and quality product?

The only quality cheese on the results of the study were the products of the brand “Ostankino”. As for the additives of starch, detected by the experts, according to the instructions it should not be in dairy products. Starch it densifies the cheese, helps to hide poor-quality raw materials and thereby reduces the nutritional value of the product. The problem is that manufacturers of cheese do not indicate the starch on the label.

How to choose a quality cheese? Dietitian Elena Solomatina advised to pay attention to the cheese that does not have a uniform clay texture. She stressed that a quality product must be in the form of pellets or lumps.

“If the cheese is too homogeneous, sticky fingers, added or palm oil, or starch,” said Solomatin.
People who have no chronic diseases, according to the nutritionist, it is useful to eat deleteproperty cheese. In chronic ailments should choose a product with less fat, but not nonfat (fat quality cheese is essential for the absorption of calcium).

According to the head of the testing laboratory all-Russian research Institute of dairy industry, Elena Yurova, high-quality cottage cheese should not look for in the market because there just is not a lot of a quality product and is unknown in what conditions produced counterfeit. In addition to the cheese, which is not opakowaniowych, often breed mold spores.

Talking about this product like cottage cheese, Yurov said that it is more cheese than cottage cheese. But “cottage cheese cannot be made from milk of poor quality, and it is possible”. When choosing a high-quality cottage cheese should pay attention to the amount of liquid in the product: the less the better.

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