Lack of sleep: 7 terrible side effects

Sleepy eyes – is the most harmless that can happen to your body due to lack of sleep. Talk about the other possible implications are telling:

1. Fatigue

It’s simple: without sleep the body does not have the power to function. So you’ll be able to fall into slumber in the most unexpected places: at the meeting on the train, in the audience. Daytime sleepiness is the first sign that you need to go to bed early.

“The brain requires sleepto consolidate memories, to relive important events, emotions, and conduct a “cleansing” after a busy day,” says psychiatrist Alex Dimitriu.

2. Mood swings

Lack of sleep leads to increased levels of cortisol – the “stress hormone.” So after a night at work, we become Moody and irritable, and generally begin acutely on all react.

3. Weight gain

When we sleep in our blood decreases the level of leptin – the hormone responsible for satiety. So the brain sends us in search of something meatier and high-calorie. We overeat and, eventually, begin to gain extra pounds.

4. Hallucinations

In the middle ages was such torture not to give the person to sleep. People began to hallucinate and go crazy. And lack of sleep deteriorating eyesight, loss of memory, and develops drooping of the upper eyelid.

5. Heart disease

Yes, if you regularly stay in social networks at night, you are at risk. Hypertension, heart attack, arrhythmia – all satellites are lack of sleep. Research European society of Cardiology shows that middle-aged man sleeping less than 5 hours a day, it in 2 times increased risk of “major complications of the cardiovascular system.”

6. Decreased libido

What really is the sexwhen you fall asleep the moment his head touches the pillow. And all because of the fact that you have reduced testosterone levels. In addition, lack of sleep causes the body to produce less sperm. This means that you have reduced chances of becoming a father.

7. Delayed reaction

Lack of sleep causes a feeling of disorientation: you may lose track of time and even forget where you are. So after days of wakefulness impossible to get behind the wheel: a study of 2017 shows that drowsiness is a major cause of road accidents. It accounts for an average of 20% of all accidents in developed countries.

If all this doesn’t put you off and you intend to bring a dream to sacrifice the work or study, read our article “How not to sleep through the night and through the next day.”