Low carbohydrate diet prolongs life and health

Carbohydrates can be the secret to a long life, as the study showed. It turned out that a diet that is low in protein, rich in bread, pasta and rice, protects against senile dementia.

We have all heard that to maintain a slim figure, we need to reduce carbohydrate intake. However, food low in protein and such foods as bread, pasta and rice, rich in carbohydrates, was ideally suited to increase life expectancy. Moreover, it was found that this diet provides protection from senile dementia. Researchers from the University of Sydney fed laboratory mice a high carbohydrate diet and noted they had a General improvement in health and improvement in brain functioning in addition to good results in the field of memory and learning.

And now the authors of this study believe that the same results can be obtained among people. For the first time in the history of science shows that the unrestricted diet with low protein and high carb diet exerts similar protective effects on the brain and nutrition with calorie restriction, which has long proved its ability to increase life expectancy. Note that today there are no pharmaceutical treatments of senile dementia does not exist, this disease can be slowed, but not stopped. Even more impressive is the premise on the ability of any type of food can affect the speed of aging brain.

For almost 100 years, scientists estimate the impact of calorie restriction on human health in General and on the development of various kinds of diseases in particular. It is proved that this technique provides exceptional benefits for brain health and slow the onset of neurodegenerative diseases in rodents. But the vast majority of people absolutely do not want life to limit yourself in calories, because to eat out is one of the few available pleasures in life. More important to find some different style of food, which would bring the same pose. (READ MORE)