Men and postpartum depression: what to do if the child’s birth has not brought the father joy?

It would seem that post-partum depression – a problem exclusively for women. She will take the man if he could not bear, did not give birth and did not feed?

It turns out that this is possible. According to statistics in the US postpartum depression affects roughly one tenth of the young father. Tell what to do if you notice signs in yourself or your close.

Where does it come from?

Scientists do not know exactly how it works, but the development of disorders associated with testosterone level. During pregnancy, women have it a bit reduced, and those who have it decreased much more likely to suffer from postpartum depression.

Why do some fathers the level of testosterone falls, while others – not yet installed. Scientists suggest that may be to blame stress from lack of sleep, fatigue from the routine, the crisis in relations and high expectations from paternity/maternity.

Besides, after the child’s birth the man usually expect to see only happy – so he is forced to hide their feelings from others. Society is sympathetic to the complaints of the newly mom: it is difficult for them, they are unusual, they get tired… But if fatigue will be time for dad, only a contemptuously curled. Like, you didn’t give birth in pain and not your Boobs bitten to the blood – what could you have problems?

If the partner also suffered from postpartum depression, a young father dumped a double load. Here and become temporary difficulties in medical diagnosis.

It can affect the baby?

Yes, I would. Depression is almost always bad for the relationship in the family, especially if it is to devalue. Scientists have found that psychological distress father’s cause behavioral problems in children. If my dad had postpartum depression, in 2-3 years the kid might have problems: he will be emotionally less balanced, and bring him up will be more difficult.

What if this happened?

To go to the doctor. Depression is not nonsense and weakness of character, but a real disease. Therefore, to cure it needs a professional. Usually in this disorder is prescribed antidepressants and psychotherapy.

Here’s what else you can do if the father of your child develops postpartum depression:

  • Heart to heart talk, figure out the reasons for his poor health. Support in the family is always important.
  • Give it a rest. Yes, usually the main burden of child care usually carries a woman. But the man gets too, especially if he is still tired at work.
  • Give him the opportunity to occasionally talk with friends, to distract from routine family. This “reset” helps to get rid of negative emotions.
  • Not to interfere with his communication with the child. Do not scold if he makes a mistake is wrong and not to say: “Go away, I’ll do it”. When I heard this, it is easy to feel worthless and unwanted, even his own family.

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