Men breast removal: This happens in the case of a OP

A male chest is often stressful. In a relatively simple way, the men can breast however, in an OP remove. What procedures will be used.

The gynecomastia, men breast called, describes the benign growth of the mammary gland in man. A cancer or other underlying disease was ruled out and gynecomastia, a doubt diagnosed freely, as such, is, therefore, no risk to health. However, it is the aesthetic aspect that a lot of men feel a strong chest as a nuisance. Since round Breasts are more likely to be associated with femininity, in conjunction, are ashamed of a lot of men for your men breast.

Often a General weight loss helps already to a man’s breast to counteract. The body loses of fat mass, he also participates in the Breasts. A complete Disappearance of the male chest by means of weight reduction works but only if a pseudo-gynecomastia, i.e. an enlargement of the breast tissue due to fat.

The enlargement of the breast is a result of the growth of the glandular tissue, is a weight loss for removal is not sufficient. Shows weight in puberty caused by a hormone imbalance, a Hormonal changes in the age or the intake of certain medications may lead to increased growth of the mammary gland regresses. The glands of the body can shrink in some cases by further hormonal changes, often however, it remains unchanged in the chest and provides optical magnification.

About the author

Christian Kerpen is MediDate expert for plastic and Aesthetic surgery and worked for many years as medical Director of the Alster clinic in Hamburg. In April 2018 he founded the clinic “Cosmopolitan Aesthetics” in Hamburg-Eimsbüttel

How can a men breast?

The plastic-aesthetic surgery offers several procedures to correct gynecomastia. The correction of the male chest to the extent of the gynecomastia. Surgical treatment is usually unavoidable. Depending on the size of the Glands is minimal, the procedure is non-invasive or invasive.

With a slight expression of the men’s chest, the correction of gynecomastia can be made in the Form of an extraction of the glands of the body. In the context of a one-hour minimally invasive procedure, the chest is sucked tissue on an outpatient basis, and the chest is thus reduced.

The so-called tumescent method is usually used. A relatively large amount of liquid is injected under the skin into the breast tissue. The saline solution, anesthetizing agents, and further substances existing Tumenszenzlösung liquefies the tissue, which can be extracted in a next step, easier and more effective. Using fine cannulas and the tumescent fluid, and the glands body and the dissolved fat cells are sucked out. The necessary small incisions are then sutured or glued in place and the surgery is completed.

In the case of a more pronounced gynecomastia, a suction of the mammary gland is not sufficient in most cases. Here is an invasive procedure for the correction of the male chest may be required. Via an incision at the edge of the nipple of the Glandular tissue is surgically removed. This can be done such as liposuction under local anesthesia, in some cases, the Surgery under anesthesia is recommended. The invasive procedure for the correction of gynecomastia can be on an outpatient basis.

What happens after surgical correction?

In order to avoid the emergence of scars and the Occurrence of wound healing disorders and other complications after the correction of gynecomastia, it must be worn after the Operation – regardless of the chosen surgical technique – for six weeks, a compression corset. This corset reduces the mechanical stress on the tissue and thus supports the healing process. In addition, it prevents the formation of bumps, which could affect the result of the OP from an aesthetic point of view.

The downtime after a surgical correction of gynecomastia is not long. About a week should follow up the Patient after the procedure, conserve, and no strenuous physical activities. Company business capable of he is already one to two days after SURGERY. In case of invasive treatment method of any scars due to its location on the edge of the nipple is very inconspicuous and thus hardly visible.

Is the SURGERY result permanent?

It was a “real” gynecomastia, which is characterized by the growth of glandular tissue, is this fixed after the SURGERY permanently. The chest was permanently reduced in size and has the shape of a normal male chest. The growth of the breast through fat tissue as a consequence of a strong weight gain is not excluded by the OP at a later date. Whoever keeps his weight, has to fear in terms of a gynecomastia.