Milk with turmeric improves health and rejuvenates

Make your own milk with turmeric is simple: in a glass of milk you need to add one teaspoon of turmeric. This drink has a range of useful properties, improving health and rejuvenating the body at the cellular level.

According to research scientists from Delhi University (India), turmeric thins the blood and lowers heart pressure, which is very useful for hypertensive patients. In addition, this spice reduces excess blood sugar levels, has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system. Drinking milk with turmeric, according to experts, gives anti-inflammatory effect. It is useful to improve well-being for colds. Add the milk kurkumy else, and honey is great for coughs and chills, headache.

“Milk with turmeric contains much more antioxidants than green tea. Using it, you can cope with insomnia and strengthen the immune system in flu season,” noted scientific experts.
Also, thanks to its anti-inflammatory effects, milk with turmeric protects against stomach ulcers and arthritis. Its protective effect also extends to such dangerous diseases as breast cancer, melanoma, lung cancer. It is known that milk with turmeric can reduce the side effects of chemotherapy, the composition prevents and slows the growth of tumor cells.

Milk with turmeric improves mood because of its regular use stimulates the processes of digestion and excretion of unwanted substances, toxins. Including, activates liver function and accelerates the processing of fats. This not only allows you to be in good shape, but has beneficial effects on the appearance, obespechivaetsya rejuvenation. Part turmeric contains various essential oils and fats which slows the aging process and prevents wrinkles, promotes healthy appearance of the face.

To maintain good health and rejuvenating effect, experts advise to drink milk with turmeric every two or three days, many recommend to take a cocktail before bed. But keep in mind that turmeric relates to potent spices and pre will be right to consult a doctor.

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