Negative emotions can be turned into superpowers

Scientists from the medical centre at Columbia University in USA have developed a technique to transform negative emotions that destroy the human psyche, in superpowers. It aims to articulate in the body of this useful habit.

Usually people find out about any serious issue concerning him personally or a loved one, feels like a victim, panics and can get a nervous breakdown that will cause him health damage. Under the proposed American researchers method, negative emotions can be used for the benefit of its own body. They gave an example: people at work have experienced a lot of stress, and therefore begins to be rude to fall on its way to others and to raise their voice, including the most intimate. In more severe cases, it can even become addicted to alcohol. Experts recommend to practice in the regulation of emotion, subordinating their will, when their expression will be under the full control. This should be acting. Learning to apply it in stressful situations on their own experience to feel the power of emotion as a fuel to generate powerful results – the authors of the concept called them abilities.

For successful implementation of the planned you need every day to commit to 5 minutes of time to test feelings, like being in the place of the actor. It is important to understand the situation, can most of all get yourself, and then let the sensations fill the body and to note how the resentment affects the body. We are talking about feelings, heart rate, respiratory rate, and the like. Scientists recommend to realize the strength that comes from negative emotions, and steer her in a different direction, turning it into a hit.