November 23 – the most popular day for adultery

As it turned out, November 23, is the most popular for crushes day of the year. It is possible that this is due to the cold weather and the last chance for the cheater to come off before the long break.

In some countries today is called “bad Friday”, as it is almost the last opportunity for fans of adultery to go and left unnoticed. And all because then there comes a long season of holidays and purchasing gifts during which to change their half happens just once. So if today your husband will come home from work unexpectedly late, then you will have good reason to be suspicious.

At least, that such information provided a popular web site designed for Dating married people. The demand for such portals is growing constantly, they bring together people who are already married and are planning to have a lover or mistress. It turned out that 80% of the different kinds of adultery are planned by users of website on November 23. The creators of the portal and psychologists believe that partly this is the fault of bad weather. Longer duration of night and cold outside the window are perfect for people who wish to merge into a passionate embrace and experience the warmth of forbidden love.

If your significant other this weekend has planned a trip, here should exercise the utmost caution. The website showed that 40% of its users are chosen somewhere else to stay for the implementation of adultery this weekend. Many explain these visits to their spouses as a business. On the second place in popularity the need for a “friend”. (READ MORE)