Parents should argue in front of children

Still, parents should argue in front of their children, according to the scientists. Toddlers can with a sufficient degree of accuracy to determine when their mom and dad are hiding something.

For a very long time all of us suggested that disputes between parents in front of their offspring can traumatize the child’s psyche. And so conversations on the raised tones should be carried out in some separate room away from children’s ears. And now researchers from the USA have come to the opposite conclusion. It turns out that parents can argue in front of children, if it, of course, not talking about conflicts with violence or using foul language. It turns out that in those families where parents demonstrate a state of stress, anger or just nervous excitement, relationships with children are more qualitative.

If all the disputes of the parents takes place somewhere behind closed doors, it hurts relationships with children who understand very well that mom and dad something to hide. And such secrets are not in favor of building a candid relationship. Observations showed that children aged 7 to 11 years are less responsive and positive with their mothers and fathers, who suppress negative emotions. These findings were made during observation of 109 pairs of parents and children.

Researchers from the University of Washington emphasize that children are very clearly captures the ability of parents to suppress negative emotions. The parents think this is a positive quality, but in relationships with children the most important thing is sincerity. Of course, we are not talking about extremes, in which adults begin to dismiss his hands, to smash the furniture or to behave completely out of control, but a manifestation of normal human emotions, including negative, can be a positive thing. (READ MORE)