People over 70 necessarily need barbells and dumbbells

Older people need to try exercises with weights and drink protein mixture to be less weak. This is the conclusion reached by researchers.

One of the unpleasant effects of old age is the increased vulnerability of man and his weakness. Elderly people often fall and suffer fractures, their muscle strength decreases, like other sports figures. However, scientists believe that seniors will benefit if they are written in the gym and start lifting barbells and dumbbells. In addition, after these exercises with weights for older people need to eat and protein mixtures, which is often drunk by professional athletes for muscle growth. This will help reduce the level of weakness and strengthen overall health.

In many countries the increase in life expectancy, which means that the number very old and weak people will grow. This problem faces every tenth retired, and every second among those who have already celebrated the 80-th year of birth. Scientists from University College Dublin found that a combination of strength exercises and protein blends – the best way to fight against age-related vulnerability. These are the results of the meta-analysis of 46 studies involving more than 15 600 people.

The biggest effect give exercise with weights, that is weight lifting like barbells and dumbbells. Usually these exercises are doing the weight lifters and pensioners often recommend walking and swimming. But now it became known that the weight load very well have an impact on the body of a pensioner, of course, in that case, if they are under the control of a personal trainer who can calculate what weight is needed. These pressures strengthen the muscles of legs and hands, do retirees more sustainable and strengthening their coordination. Diet also plays a significant role in maintaining the strength and endurance after 70 years. Scientists advise to eat eggs, milk, tuna, chicken and be sure not to forget about protein blend. (READ MORE)