Persimmon is strictly necessary in a small amount

Persimmon is very useful in many ways, the fruit, but there it must be strictly temperate. In addition, experts strongly advise not to eat unripe persimmon.

According to biologist Mikhail Vorobyov, where contains a lot of tannins that provide its astringent properties characteristic. The astringent substances contained in the persimmon, is able to slow down your metabolism, so orange fruits do not get involved those who are inclined to be overweight and rapid weight gain

Tannins also give persimmon fixing quality. For this reason, there are a lot of persimmon, otherwise constipation will be provided. Especially dangerous to eat a persimmon that is still not fully matured.

Another specialist, endocrinologist Vadim Krylov, said: in the persimmon contains a lot of sucrose glucose, and it also explains why fruit is better not to abuse. Krylov added that persimmons do not need to eat nightly riposte in the evening as in this case, the contained carbohydrates instead of actively consumed by the body, will go mirovye deposits.

“Ideale sezonnogo to eat dostali a day,” said the doctor.
Very carefully persimmons need to eat during pregnancy – like many other brightly colored fruit it can cause an allergic reaction. It is also important to remember that persimmons is absolutely impossible to combine with milk. Tannic acid contained in persimmon, when combined with malonebailey ensure indigestion and stomach problems.

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