Products that you can’t eat on an empty stomach

We’ve all heard about how a healthy Breakfast, and what foods are better to eat in the morning. And the Swiss nutritionists have said that in no case need not drink in the morning on an empty stomach.

Even if you love spicy food with lots of spices, it does not need to eat on an empty stomach. This kind of meals will cause a direct irritation of the gastric mucosa, provoking acid response and causing painful spasms. In addition, spices and condiments are irritants by nature, which can cause indigestion for the rest of the day.

Many people think that the perfect recipe to start the day is a glass of fruit juice, but this is a mistake. All food and drinks containing sugar, the pancreas is subjected to additional pressure. And it’s not the best that we can give her immediately after waking up. In addition, adopted on an empty stomach fructose can restart your liver.

The same goes for different kinds of carbonated beverages. In any case, do not use them on an empty stomach, as, mingling with the acid inside, they provoke nausea and flatulence. Also, these drinks in the morning cause stomach cramps.

Let different kinds of promotional pictures proper Breakfast you saw oranges and grapefruits, but in the morning on an empty stomach citrus fruit is not necessary. They contribute to the production of acid in the stomach, and excess amount of fiber and fructose affects the digestive processes. (READ MORE)