Reading is the best way of dealing with loneliness

Social isolation and loneliness are becoming a real epidemic for humanity. Single people leave this life early, and now experts suggest they are more likely to read.

Millions of Russians are suffering from loneliness, the problem concerns not only elderly but also young people aged 16 to 24 years. By the way, in this age group, complaints of loneliness are the most acute. There are many ways to feel less alone, but one of the most simple and widely available can be considered reading. Recent studies have shown that reading or listening to audio books significantly reduces the feeling of loneliness and helping to overcome social exclusion.

Audiobooks are especially useful for the elderly who usually have problems with vision. It is difficult to overcome large amounts of text, straining your eyes, and in this issue audio books come to the rescue. In some countries organize groups for reading where single people gather together to read books and listen to the likes of reading. Previous studies have shown that such groups help people to meet new people and chat. But such conversations and meetings are very important for overcoming social isolation.

For many people reading is process intimate, but they have no idea how it might be interesting to others. Visit groups for reading allows a person to gain a new sense of life, feel the purpose, and its ability to bring to someone favor. Effective such groups are not just for seniors, but for patients with senile dementia, which for a time fails to mitigate the development of severe symptoms. (READ MORE)