Sedentary work necessary stretching exercises

In sedentary work, and immobility required stretching exercises, – this was stated by the specialist in physical therapy from the Massachusetts General hospital David Nolan. According to experts, daily stretching exercises protect against loss of elasticity and flexibility of muscles, which is bad for the body and health.

David Nolan noted that the constant sitting, the muscles become less elastic and movable, which adversely affects the condition of blood vessels and blood flow. To compensate for this lack, well help stretching exercises of the muscles of different parts of the body. Stretching is particularly useful to people who spend in a seated position your working day, said the expert.

To stretching exercises give tangible effect, they should be performed daily.

“We should not expect that you will gain perfect flexibility after a few sessions of exercise. It will take weeks or months, but you need to continue to nourish my body and health,” said David Nolan.
Stretching exercises relieve tension in various parts of the body and thus help cope with stress. On the background of stress may experience such physical symptoms as headache, insomnia, nausea, and others. In addition, research has shown that stretching helps to normalize blood sugar levels.

According to Nolan, it is especially important to do stretching exercises for the muscles of the legs, hips and pelvis.

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