The blood was not wiped out for two days: FOCUS-Online-reader-for-nursing-misery

Children wrote a nurse Johanna Uhlig an open letter to the Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn, of moving the whole of Germany. In it, she criticized the catastrophic conditions in the care sector. Many of the FOCUS Online readers sent us their experiences and thoughts on the subject.

Johanna Uhligs letter to the Federal Minister of health was shared on the social networks already more than 85,000 Times. A reply from Jens Spahn took the Form of a video. In it, he promises quick improvements and new measures to tackle the crisis in care for the long term. So commented on the FOCUS Online readers:

Catastrophic Hygiene

Beate H. told us of her drastic experiences with care services. The 61-Year-old has 15 years of professional accompanying her sick father. She observed that the Situation in the nursing home deteriorated over the years, dramatically, and especially in matters of cleanliness: “the blood from the predecessor remained for two days, despite multiple Anmahnens on the floor, both in the room than in the ICU… The Hygiene in this house was a disaster, the sisters are really sweet, but completely overburdened, the Doctors, it went similar.

In the end her father died of pneumonia in hospital of multi-resistant germs. After his death, she complained in the management of the clinic. Until today, she got no answer.

“Leave it until tomorrow morning, so -“

Vlasta H. made similar experiences. Her eleven year old son was hospitalized with a severe lung inflammation and allergic Asthma in a University hospital. Also, it outlines the appalling hygienic conditions. “The cleaning lady came in the morning with a cloth and wiped the toilet and the door handles in a swing.”

The Situation she was disgusted so much that they even cleaned twice a day the room with disinfectant wipes. The floor was not cleaned for five days, she writes. It was only when a water bottle fell to the floor and broke, staff was attentive.

[The nurse] took four changing mats, which were a bit absorbent, and threw her to the point where there was the most glass, and said: “Leave it until tomorrow morning, so until the cleaning people come.

In the end it was Vlata the ground, due to the lack of mops to wipe with wrapping documents.

“The part I was confused”

Vivienne R. was also stunned about the conditions in the hospital: I am appalled by the amount of different people, the me in April on a ten-day stay in hospital as the staff of the neurology supervised. A total of 32 different people had been within ten days.

The part I was confused. You had myself in the wrong, wrong room, wrong bed. The daily Visits had to be wrestled. Every Time I had to repeat what was my concern, as always, a different Doctor appeared.

Survey: Are you of the opinion that the German health care system can provide you in case of illness, always?


These professional groups can be saved for years broken

Anna N. shows solidarity with nurse Johanna Uhlig and can understand your Situation completely: I can understand the Writing of the woman well. I was always patient in different hospitals. Unfortunately, running here is very much wrong and unjust. In every hospital I have made the experience that the nurses are under severe Stress and, in fact, four have to share, in order to master the.

According to Willi Geng, the distribution of the funds of the Federal budget is the biggest Problem: I have high respect for all in this country, “Forgotten”! This applies to the entire field of care and nursing care facilities and hospitals. I would not want to forget to clear our police officers. These professional groups are already, in spite of the well-known desolate working conditions and lousy pay, for years eye can see saved broken. The main thing is that the Black Zero and politician, distinguished for years only by air numbers and do nothing.

The policy is to blame

Also, many other User will see profit maximization as the cause for the care of misery. Dr. Frank Burkhardt commented: It has just begun, that politically wanted, the patients, customers and Economics and the certification of madness had to be more important than care and affection. Only fought at the time, no one from nursing and medical field. Yes, because you had to take care of the patients.

Similarly, Wolfgang Koschorek makes the financial pressure responsible for the maladministration: It may not be that hospitals with their staff, and the Doctors will be subjected to the pressure of the market economy. There are things, which are above the maximization of profits. This includes the police, the fire Department and the hospital services with care and the hospice. We, the citizens, Michel and jerries pay so much taxes. There should be a self-understanding in the policies, such institutions should be subordinated to the common good.

Clementine Wagner points out that it is not only the care has to fight: It is only the Situation in the care and in the health sector is not generally! It draws on the education of early childhood education in day care centers or nursery schools – up to age supply. It is always so placed, as if at us everything is so exemplary that would work, and we are everywhere the tip of the tab, the opposite is the case!

“This is sad, but true!”

Johann Schneider looks at the crisis in care a slow process: The lack of staff has not fallen from the sky, but the result of a year-long disregard of the Care in the case of wage increases, also the trade Union Verdi, which primarily deals with the works councils instead of to the nursing staff.

Maik Sinow commented: This is sad, but true! When I see how much money in a month alone for me to go away, social security contributions, pension contributions, health insurance contributions. And then the state is not capable to grab the money at these Places, what it is for, since I could puke!