The first resort with the sexy robots

The world’s first resort with the sexy robots will open in 2019. Men will have the opportunity for $10 000, cyborgs virginity.

The popularity of robots for sex is growing since the advent of the first such cyborg in 2017. These robots have made a real revolution in the world of Dating. In fact, not so long ago sexy robot named harmony joined Tinder, where she was welcomed photos of several dozen possible contenders. In Europe there are a number of brothels where you can take the advantage of robots. And now in California going to open a resort dedicated to these striking achievements of the century of high technologies. About it in exclusive interview to the American media told the General Director of the resort.

“In our school people will be able to assess the most advanced technology in a completely clean and sterile and futuristic environment, – told the head of the brothel. -Everything from the backlight and to furniture, created in order to carry our visitors into a fantasy world where they can learn about things, the thought of which before they even had not occurred. Over time, men start to treat our mechanized girls, how children are dolls. They dress them, talk that is not strange, because in every man there is always a Napping child.”
The resort with the sexy robots will open its doors in West Hollywood. Men will have to pay $10 000 for the opportunity to deprive one of the robots virginity, and when that happens, this girl will come into wide use for everyone. The creators of the brothel especially want to pedal the idea of deprivation of virginity, which is important for many representatives of the stronger sex, convinced that they should be doing it with any girl in his life. (READ MORE)