The four most useless of cereal in the diet

Many supporters of healthy lifestyles is unwavering believe that to start the day with serving of Breakfast cereal. But experts say that not every mess can benefit your health.

Useful for health, for example, semolina? Semolina is devoid of fiber since it is made from the inner layer of the wheat grains. In her very little vitamins and minerals, and the essential amino acid profile is not balanced. In mahnke lot of starch and little protein – it’s such a highly saturated carbohydrate source that its frequent use will certainly lead to problems with obesity, metabolic and gastrointestinal disorders.

Quick-cooking oatmeal. Yes, very comfortable. But those obtained as a result of long processing of cereals, which simply pour boiling water or warm milk, they can be considered anything, but not exactly useful. At least, not useful decoys. Oatmeal lovers should eat no cereal, and the classic, brewed on water Hercules, this is the opinion of experts. But still better to eat whole grains. Also, according to experts, no need to get excited about muesli, which is a mix of oatmeal and fruit, nuts and other additives. This product is almost always a lot of sugar and calories.

Millet porridge is also skeptical evaluated by nutritionists. A mess not really wrong, but use it very little amounts of essential amino acids present in millet, are too low to be recommended for use.
Boiled rice white ground grain too poor in vitamins,fiber and other micronutrients that bring tangible benefits to the body. For regular consumption of this dish is not suitable.

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