Top 7 most harmful products

“Why all the harmful good?” – this catch phrase became the motto of the people who from time to time make go on a healthy diet. And then break down and return to their favorite chips and soda. They are really tasty. Or we convinced ourselves of this? We offer you the hit parade of the most harmful products, and can be, we will find the reason why they are so difficult to refuse.

Junk food

In English – “junk food”. More precisely empty calories. Usually the first place among the unhealthy, but delicious put fast food. But it also includes crisps and buckets of popcorn that you buy at the movies (popcorn itself is not so harmful, but the volume!), and crackers with nuts… This food is rich in fat and fast carbohydrates, but provides no benefit. Beware of junk food – just buy it, you can eat everywhere (portion packs have to eat it all at once), and as a result to extra weight and habit to seize on the go.

Processed meat products

That is, sausage and sausages. Of course, this is not a threat No. 1, but many of us simply forget that they should not get carried away. Let’s say though, that sodium nitrite, which “fixes” the pleasant pink colour of sausage, can be gradually transformed into a carcinogen. And of these substances in processed meat a lot. And yet there is a lot of salt.

Cheap cheese

Real cheese, unfortunately, is expensive. Cheap and cheese, which are in abundance appeared on the shelves of stores are likely to contain margarine or relatively cheap palm oil. By itself, palm oil is danger for the body. But, unfortunately, most often it comes out of the production with violations of conditions of transportation and is oxidized in the way. And this oil is harmful.


Yes, in recent times we often hear about the threats posed to the body sugar, and now talking about the dangers of sugar substitutes. There is evidence that they can cause cancer. What to do if without the sweet, you can not but sugar is not want? Nutritionists recommend, so if you use Splenda, stevia to take as most natural product.

Ready-made sauces and powder puree quick trade

We will mention only one aspect – a large number of synthetic and semi-synthetic thickeners in such products (Е422, E461, Е462). Study their influence on the body continues, it is believed that they interfere with the digestion and absorption of proteins.


Not to say that canned food is uniquely harmful. They usually just subjected to such treatment, what’s the use in them left. Suggest to use canned only in extreme cases where it is really necessary (travel, camping), and in all other situations to prepare their own meals.

Lollipops on sticks

No, we’re not talking about harm to the figures. Although, of course, remember this should always. The problem lies elsewhere – lollipops on sticks of small size (not as known to all “males” and smaller) are very long in the mouth. Creating the ideal conditions for the development of caries. So it is better to buy a candy on a stick more, because the child can not finish until the end.

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