Vegetarianism led her to excess weight and hair loss

For 6 years a resident of the USA Mariela Stewart diligently adhered to principles of vegetarianism and veganism, but instead of the expected harmony and improve the health of she’s got issues – overweight, hair loss, a significant deterioration of the teeth. Now the woman deliberately eat fat.

In General, Mariela Stewart, who had to lose weight after the birth of three children, for 12 years restricted themselves to the use of all sweet, starchy and high in calories. The last 6 years including the woman adhered to strict vegetarianism – eating only vegetable products.

“I’ve been a raw eater, and fructarians, and by whom only was not! Mainly ate fruit, vegetables, herbs, nuts, sprouts. Then he began to add to their menu of tofu, quinoa, rice and beans” – said the American.
It was during the years of vegetarianism in her body and experienced all the unpleasant changes. The woman had problems with digestion, body weight was higher, the hair is very thinned, and his teeth began to increasingly be damaged because of estancias enamel. In addition to excess weight on the background of vegetarianism, she has bad skin, hair and nails become brittle, began to experience mood swings and decreased libido.

The woman was done with vegetarianism and switched to ketogenic diet that are low in carbohydrates, but a lot of fat, which helped her regain good health.

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