What is useful to drink tea?

As you drink the tea itself or necessarily a bit of sugar? Scientists say: from what is selected in company to tea, affects the absorption of the drink, as well as the degree of its use.

Tea with milk.Many people like to drink tea with milk, but is it useful? According to scientific experts, milk enhances the diuretic properties of the tea and reduces its toning, invigorating effect of tea. On the other hand, with increased acidity of milk tea can improve health.

Tea with sugar. Black tea with sugar stimulates brain blood circulation, and even one Cup of black sweet tea can relieve headache. Science knows that the tea leaves in the reaction with the sugar synthesizes substances catechins that are able to be a strong analgesic and provides antimicrobial action. In the past black tea with sugar was administered to patients with dysentery. But at the same time, the sugar in this drink makes the body absorb and utilize vitamin B1, essential for the normal functioning of the nervous system.

Tea with honey. Honey in the amount of two to three teaspoons per day to improve metabolism, the most well-honey is absorbed in combination with green tea – strictly not hot, not above 45-50 degrees. You need to keep in mind that tea strengthens the diaphoretic properties of honey.

The tea with lemon. Veshestva as black and green, significantly improve the absorption of ascorbic acid, – lemon, thrown into the tea, it becomes twice as useful as a source of vitamin C.

Tea with chocolate. The combination of dark or bitter chocolate with tea tannins are much more active stimulates brain circulation. Tea with chocolate is useful against spasm of blood vessels.

Tea with ginger. It can be used to effectively fight overweight. In addition, ginger tea increases physical vitality, strengthens the immune system, helps to resist infections.

Tea with cinnamon. Cinnamon is used as a means for weight loss and combined with black tea is its property only increases. Tea with cinnamon also helps to strengthen the immune system.

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