White bread is not the most harmful

Many people who carefully monitor their health and figure, refuse of white bread, because they consider it harmful. But whether or not white bread is the most harmful? According to the data obtained by scientists from the Weizmann Institute, the harm of white bread for human health too exaggerated.

Israeli experts carried out an experiment in which 40 subjects consumed as bread made with white flour and bread made on a special leaven. The results of the tests were as follows. Both varieties of bread as I could to make sure the specialists who contributed to the growth of blood sugar levels of people. However, a significant difference between the effects of “bad” white bread and sourdough bread (presumably more useful), – have been identified.

Previously held research, the authors studied the effects of bread on the body showed that the sugar level in the blood increases after eating white bread only in some people. Many of the same growth sugar levels happens after consuming whole wheat bread. Scientists believe that the reaction to the bread depends on the composition of the intestinal microbiome.

White bread is a source of carbohydrates, which are needed by the body along with other nutrients. A high-quality piece of white bread a day is not considered harmful, the researchers note. At the same time, according to scientific experts, in the presence of obesity the consumption of white bread should be more limited. In General, they believe, better not to use it every day the same bread – for the development of beneficial bacteria in the intestine helpful a variety of nutrients.

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