Who snores the loudest?

Do this 40% of men and 30% women. About half of them do it once a week. If you don’t, and your spouse or partner – Yes, you lose about two years of full sleep. What are we talking about? About the snoring!

Women vs men

Why do we remember about this problem? Because we were surprised by the results of the research, published in the Daily Mail. The British Royal national hospital ear, nose and throat was devoted to the question of who snores more, a separate study. And it turned out that in the age group 25-34 years snore more than women! 31% of men broke the silence about three times a week, but among women the figure was 34%.

However, with age, men still regain the championship. In the age group 55-64 years snore 45% of men and 35% women. And in the age group older than 75 years, the number of snoring generally is sharply reduced.

By the way, the record for the loudness of snoring also belongs to the woman. Snoring British pensioner Jenny Chapman louder than the sound of the plane. 111,6 dB of snoring more than power, the sound of an airplane engine by 6 dB.

What is snoring?

Snoring arises from the fact that the path of the air passing into the lungs, there are obstacles. This may be due to excessive relaxation of the muscles of the oropharynx, ENT-pathologies, the occurrence of snoring contributes to excess weight.

Snoring, of course, interferes with others. But he represents a real danger to the person: the result of snoring can be stop breathing during sleep (apnea), which leads to the disruption of oxygen supply to the brain and interrupted sleep patterns. In General, apnea contributes to the development of cardiovascular pathologies, arrhythmia, angina, etc.

Doctors warn that snoring increases the risk of thickening of the walls of the carotid artery is stronger than obesity, Smoking or high cholesterol. This was stated by scientists from Detroit working in the Hospital of Henry Ford. And this anomaly is a harbinger of atherosclerosis, which can lead to heart attack and stroke.

How to deal with snoring?

To combat snoring, use a variety of external devices or resorting to surgery.

As for the devices they invented a great variety. From special stickers on the wings of the nose that make nasal breathing, particularly to a tray which moves the lower jaw and locks it in this position. Sometimes patients have to sleep in the mask, where the compressor supplies air to normalize breathing. This method is called PAP or CPAP therapy.

There are also surgical treatment options when the doctor removes obstacles to the normal passage of air. As a rule, surgery to reduce the uvula. Very soft palate pulled upward, expanding the lumen of the pharynx. A few years ago in Germany, the operation was performed for installation of the patient stimulator language, which prevented his excessive relaxation during sleep, and in the end the language did not close the airway. So ways of dealing with such unpleasant snoring is, it remains only to choose.

And that is why people sleepwalk and what to do about it, read our article.