Why cigarettes add sugar?

American scientists from the University of North Carolina said: almost 95% of smokers do not know that their cigarettes contain sugar. The results of the survey were published in the journal Nicotine and Tobacco Research. Tell why it is important.

What is this survey?

The researchers asked 4350 smokers to answer two questions:

  • Add the sugar in cigarettes?
  • Sugar in the cigarettes increases the toxicity of the smoke. Have you heard anything about this effect?

The first question was answered positively only 5.5% of participants. On second – and even less: of 3.8%. While more than half of the respondents wanted to get more information about sugar in the cigarettes, and 23 percent said an interesting topic. 3 participants stated that these facts have prompted them to quit or reduce the amount of cigarettes.

“Knowledge is power, and there is a clear gap in awareness,” commented the survey results of Andrew Seidenberg, lead author. The experts also felt that based on this information, you can create a promising new approach for campaigns against Smoking.

Why do we need sugar in cigarettes?

Manufacturers add this ingredient because it reduces the stiffness of smoke and facilitate the process of inhalation. As a result, the Smoking becomes more enjoyable.

What danger is there?

When we drag on the cigarette, the sugar begins to burn. Because of this, the smoke appears acetaldehyde – a toxic carcinogenic compound. In addition to the acetaldehyde itself is harmful, he, along with nicotine is addictive.

Scientist Noel Bruay studying warning labels on cigarette packs and a public awareness of the dangers of cigarettes. Here is how he commented on this phenomenon: “the Sugar in cigarettes creates the triad of death. It makes them more attractive, more exciting and more deadly. Smokers should know that they smoke, and they don’t know.”

Even if you do not know, it is unlikely that our article has changed your opinion about cigarettes. All so long ago, it is clear that Smoking is one of the main enemies of health.

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