Why don’t need to eat raw dough

Do not try and eat raw dough for cooking, even if kneaded it yourself. In anticipation of the Christmas and new year holidays the recommendations with this warning was published by the Centre for control and prevention of diseases (CDC), this writes the newspaper the New York Post. In its publication experts explain why don’t need to eat raw dough.

“Many people can’t resist the temptation to regale on the remnants of the protein or, for example, biscuit dough, but it is unsafe for health,” the experts said in a published material.
The main argument of scientists about why don’t need to eat raw dough, it is able to infect Salmonella, and E. coli. According to experts, in the finished product of the test after thermal treatment of hazardous microorganisms are killed, but in a wet test, it may be, and then eating will be a factor of infection.

“As the microbes are in a wet test? They can contaminate grain in the field or at the stage of its processing. In the result, the same flour can contain E. coli,” he told the infectious diseases.
The specialists of the Centre for control and prevention of diseases of the United States recalled how in 2016 raw flour caused the outbreak in the country outbreaks of E. coli. They also noted that raw dough don’t need to eat because it can hide Salmonella, got it from raw eggs. Resulting from the consumption of such a product develops a debilitating human intestinal infection – Salmonella.

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