Why women live longer than men?

The gap can vary depending on the country, but the world average, the difference is not less than 3 years. And in Russia – as long as 13 years! Why is it that men are doomed to die early? Let’s deal.

Men’s life is harder?

Previously, it was assumed that men die due to the fact that they have too heavy a work: the field, the mine, the plants. Like, back-breaking work undermines the health, and because they are more likely to fall ill and die.

But now we all do about the same work often sedentary. Life expectancy was compared. However, this did not happen: if 200 years ago, women lived an average of 33 and men to 31, now about 83 and 79 years respectively. And then the difference was 5%, now.

Men are more likely to risk?

On the Internet are “memes” in which men expose themselves to unreasonable risk: for example, swim in the pool, and floating nearby electric plug adapter-flop. Or repairing air conditioning, sitting right on it. Of course, the tendency to expose themselves to danger plays a role.

Important as the fact that men more frequently smoke and drink alcohol, but less likely to follow the diet.

However, scientists claim that the main reason for this injustice is a device of our body.

The answer lies in our genes

At the ends of our chromosomes are protective caps – telomeres. When they shorten, the cells start to grow old and die. Now scientists have found that women’s telomeres shorten more slowly for men. And all because the female hormone estrogen – it protects the chromosome from aging.

“Estrogen triggers the activity of an enzyme that helps lengthen telomeres and can increase life expectancy. In addition, high levels of the hormone helps maintain the cardiovascular system in good condition and contribute to the healthy development of bones” – quoted authors the Daily Mail.

If you are a male, the data should not make you sad: life is not so much depends on what has given you the nature. What does play a role, explain in the article “New study: centenarians are not born but made”.