Yoga protects against second heart attack

Yoga can reduce the risk of recurrent heart attack by as much as 50%. It is available to everyone and very effective method of prevention.

For the first time confronted with the heart attack patients after a period of treatment and the disappearance of the initial extreme stress faced with the fear associated with the likelihood of a second heart attack. It is known that the risk of heart attack is much higher in a person who already experienced this disruption in the activities of the heart. That’s why millions of patients in different countries of the world take statins and other medications in order to reduce this risk to a minimum. It turns out that prevention of secondary heart attack may not be expensive.

A study involving more than 4,000 cardiac patients from 24 hospitals across India have shown that the ancient yoga exercises are not only safe for this category of people, but also very effective in reducing to a minimum the risk of reinfarction. This gym, which improves the quality of life of such patients, reduces the risk of secondary heart attack by as much as 50%. It was about a special yoga course, which was used for the rehabilitation of patients with heart attacks. Today this course is actively spreading in India and some other countries.

Note that in India a full-fledged rehabilitation of infarction is only a small number of private medical centers, it is very expensive, and most people simply can not to pay for it. Rehabilitation is designed to reduce stress levels, increase physical activity and intake of certain medications. The more pleasant to know that yoga may become an alternative to this costly program. Only it is very important that the yoga course was specifically designed with the goal of rehabilitation after a heart attack, classes were held in at least the first time under the supervision of experts who ensure that patients correctly understand all the challenges they face. (READ MORE)