Get a Gift Card When You Buy Diapers & Wipes At Target Right Now

During these trying times, it’s no secret parents need a lot of extra help to get them through, so the best thing we need to do is look out for each other. Unfortunately, some people have taken things too far and have been hoarding diapers and leaving some parents who truly need them empty-handed at the store. Now more than ever, it’s everyone’s job to take their fair share of essential goods, whether it’s baby items, food, or toilet paper, so everyone has the basics they need to safely stay at home.

Thankfully, Target is saving the day per usual (*praising hands emoji), and is offering a mega incentive on diapers (and has plenty in stock!) and wipes so you can get your hands on some (while kindly leaving plenty for other parents in need) without even leaving your home so you can keep everyone safe. Now though March 28, you can snag a $20 Target gift card if you spend $100 or more on select baby diapers and wipes with same-day order services. So, if you’ve been searching high and low to get your hands on baby diapers or wipes, you can finally get what you need. Plus, that $20 gift card will come in handy for those future purchases, so this deal is really saving parents and their sanity. Here are our top diaper and wipe picks that are part of the offer, so make sure to drop these in your cart ASAP. Thanks, Target!

These Huggies training pants feel like real underwear, so they’ll make potty training a little easier. The easy-open sides make quick changes a breeze and offer targeted coverage for where they need it most.

These gentle, plant-based diapers feature an ultra-soft liner to keep baby comfortable. They hold over 17 times their weight in fluid, so you can have peace of mind that these diapers will lock in leaks.

Made with 99 percent water, you won’t have to worry about any harsh chemicals in these simple and effective baby wipes. The rest of the wipe formula boasts PH-balancing ingredients that will make baby bottoms happy and clean.

Your little Trolls fan will look forward to wearing these adorable themed training diapers. With a 360-degree stretch waistband, your kiddo can easily pull them up and down on their own (and participate in those mid-day dance parties with ease).

If you’re looking for sensitive skin diapers, these soft and gentle ones from Seventh Generation will ensure that your newborn’s skin doesn’t get irritated. With an absorbent core, your baby’s skin will stay protected and dry.

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