Gigi Hadid Reportedly Has Big Feelings About Introducing Her Daughter to Leonardo DiCaprio

Gigi Hadid and Leonardo DiCaprio‘s new romance has been the talk of the town since they started casually seeing one another this summer, but Hadid is reportedly taking things very slow with the Hollywood legend — especially when it comes to involving her 2-year-old daughter, Khai.

A source close to the model told Hollywood Life, “Gigi is still getting to know Leo, so introducing him to her daughter is not something she’s considering at this point. In fact, it isn’t even on her radar.” They continued, “Gigi has a career that’s in full swing, but being a mom to Khai comes first and foremost at all times. Although Gigi is single again, she’s not about to introduce everyone she meets to her baby girl.”

The insider went on to share, “Gigi feels like she would have to be very serious with somebody before she’d even consider bringing anybody around her daughter. She’s extremely protective over Khai. Being a mom has completely shifted Gigi’s perspective when it comes to dating. It’s not just about her anymore. She has a child, and that baby comes before anybody else in her eyes.”

Hadid and DiCaprio have been spotted together several times since they were first linked in late summer following DiCaprio’s split from his girlfriend of four years, Camila Morrone. Hadid was last known to be romantically involved with Zayn Malik, whom she shares Khai with, prior to their October 2021 split following an alleged physical altercation between Malik and Hadid’s mother, Yolanda.

A second source told Hollywood Life that Hadid is “having fun exploring being single and getting to know Leo little by little, but there’s no rush on her part to get serious.” Only time will tell if DiCaprio has truly broken his 25 rule and is invested in the long run with the 27-year-old modeling mother.

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