Giving Birth Gave Joanna Gaines Has 'an Extra Kick in Her Step,' Because Obviously

Most new parents are understandably exhausted — especially if they’re already taking care of their new baby’s older siblings. But Joanna Gaines says giving birth to her fifth child (an adorable boy named Crew) actually gave her "an extra kick in her step." 

"It woke me up a little bit. Life was doing its thing, and this baby — typically you feel tired, but this baby, he’s just like my second wind," Gaines told People. 

Adjusting to life with a new baby isn’t the only big change in Gaines’ life — she’s also preparing to release her new design book, Homebody: A Guide to Creating Spaces You Never Want to Leave. (This homebody is very much looking forward to the Fixer Upper star’s tips and tricks.) 

As Gaines told People, the book will include photos of her own farmhouse in addition to homebody-approved spaces she’s designed throughout her career. If you’re having doubts about your own ability to transform your home into the stuff of Fixer Upper dreams, don’t worry — Gaines totally has faith in you. 

"I love the way that I had to learn with trial and error," she said. "That’s why I really believe people can do this."

All in all, Gaines says life has never been better, both at home and in her career. (Well, the two are technically related, but you get the gist.) "We are just really enjoying this sweet season with a newborn and going to the office every day doing the things that we love," she said. 

We’re happy Gaines has more energy as she adjusts to life with a fifth child, but also, uh, admittedly a little jealous. Joanna Gaines is truly one of a kind.

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