Kourtney Kardashian Shuts Down Pregnancy Speculation Over Bikini Pic: 'Are We Really Gonna Do This?'

Ever since Kourtney Kardashian confirmed her romance with Travis Barker by way of endless steamy PDA sessions and a proposal so romantic that even hearts of stone would melt, the reality star has inexplicably been plagued with speculation and rumors about the state of her uterus, with fans seemingly constantly wondering whether the couple is going to have a baby.

And while Kardashian herself has played along with the chatter in the past (remember when she appeared onstage at the VMAs with pal Megan Fox and the actress called their significant others, Barker and Machine Gun Kelly, their “future baby daddies?”), fans and followers continue to take it too far when they speculate about her being pregnant in the comments section of her Instagram posts.

Though she absolutely shouldn’t have to address these comments, Kardashian yet again flawlessly shut down a rude comment from a follower who asked if she had a “preg belly” in a recent photo series. The mom of three shared a bunch of steamy bikini shots from a hot tub (including one selfie with her daughter, Penelope), and one comment in particular stood out.


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Popular Instagram account Comments by Celebs shared a screenshot of the comment which read, “Not to be that girl but… is that a preg belly?” Kardashian responded, asking succinctly, “are we really gonna do this every time I post a photo?”


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Rightfully so, it seems like the newly engaged lifestyle guru was fully unbothered, later sharing an equally steamy sunset shot of she and her musician beau perched in the hot tub and sharing a smooch, captioning the pic, “life with you.”


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It really should go without saying at this point, but it’s never cool to comment on someone’s body, particularly when it comes to speculating about their pregnancy status. You never know what someone might be going through behind the scenes, and even seemingly well-meaning comments can unintentionally cause someone pain. Just don’t do it, even if you think you’re doing so with the best of intentions.

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