Watch: The sibling bond

Jeffrey Kluger, the senior editor of a popular magazine and the writer of a wide range of books, talks about the ‘Bond of Siblings’. He requests everyone to engage and re-engage with the most important relationship of our lives-our own brothers and sisters. It is the most affirming feeling in the world, he says.

There is no relationship that affects us more than the relationship we share with our brothers and sisters. There is a unique power in such bonds. Our parents leave us early, our spouse comes along later; it is only our siblings who walk with us throughout the journey of life.

Citing examples of the most famous siblings in his studies, he focusses on the fact that the favouritism by parents is often harming the bonds of siblings. However, parents are not at fault as harbouring feelings favouritism comes from a natural wiring. Why a father is inclined towards the last born daughter and why a mother can’t detach herself from a firstborn son, is because of a scientific reason.

He outlines the fact that somewhere, favouritism or recognition of one over the other, develops a feeling of jealousy among siblings. It, later on, results in fights and animosity.

Jeffrey highlights ‘Birth Rank or Birth Order’ and how the firstborn is comparatively stronger and healthier than the later-borns. How a middle born is almost like a flyover city, who tries hard to grab attention and the last born is the smallest cub of the den, with the ability to charm everyone.

Thus, parents should allow siblings their own space and not intervene in development of this bond.

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