What Bayer is doing everything to bring the pill to the woman

If you believe the pharmaceutical company Bayer, the anti-baby pill easily. “The pill in the same way as other tablets,” and further: “Throw take a simple one in the mouth and swallowing you down.” So it writes to the Bayer on the website “your-life.com”.

The pharmaceutical company wants to leave Leverkusen the thing seem so easy, as it is a food Supplement that could have a reason: Bayer, the world’s largest supplier of hormonal contraceptives.

Part of the campaign “Your Life” is also verhütungstag of the World, as the group writes. Today, Thursday, it is time again. Just recently, the Federal centre took for Health education the anniversary as an occasion to new study findings on the topic of prevention.

The authority neglected to mention, what the world verhütungstag on. It was invented twelve years ago. Numerous partners lists Bayer in its Website to the campaign, such as the United Nations population Fund UNFPA, the US government organization USAID or professional associations of Doctors.

No hints of depression as a possible side effect

The site is a conspicuous one-sided when it comes to the comparison of contraceptive methods. In the case of hormonal agents information that they can trigger mood fluctuations, but no indications of depression as a possible side effects. Since several months, no word must be mentioned in the EU of suicide risk in the package insert.

Instead, the disadvantages of the anti-baby pill to be assessed in a comparative table as low. In the case of the pill it says that you have to take every day – in the case of condoms, the use of which leads to an interruption in the Sex.

Bayer States that the site should motivate young people with the topic of contraception deal. It was not intended that “a complete Benefit-risk assessment.” The website should motivate women to talk with their doctor about prevention.

Bayer advertises its available in several languages, published campaign page intensively in social media, some YouTube Videos were viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

But how can it be that respected organizations in front of the cart by a pharmaceutical company margins? The world health organization, WHO linked to a page for the world verhütungstag even directly to the campaign by the pharmaceutical manufacturer.

“A very skillful means”

A speaker WHO referred to the Website with the Link to Bayer as a “mistake”, the link has now been removed. “The world verhütungstag is not a WHO day,” he explains. Nevertheless, the day would be used as an opportunity to make important health information. The speaker left the question unanswered, how the error could be.

The behavior of the WHO Christiane Fischer calls a “disaster”. She is the Executive Director of doctors initiative, “My dinner I” that is critical against influence by the pharmaceutical industry pay. Fishing is since 2012 also a member of the German ethics Council. “The company is trying to push their products,” she says. The day sees them as “pure advertising”.

For prescription drugs like the pill, the advertising of which is prohibited in the Public – but not in campaigns such as the world verhütungstag, in the case of the Bayer no products specifically highlights. “It is a very skillful means, because you think for the first time, it was independent,” says Fischer.

What is in the package insert as a side effect, should also be on the website specified, it will prompt you also. “I think you would have to make in the case of hormonal contraceptives is generally more on the side effects closely.”

Enlightened Decisions?

The United Nations population Fund, UNFPA, says in reference to the Bayer-produced platform, he was part of a coalition of 17 organizations. “We do this to ensure that young people have information for enlightened decisions about their sexual and reproductive health,” said a spokesman.

For further questions will refer to the Bayer platform for Doctors, the page itself only serves to “General Information”. The UN-Organisation would investigate partnerships with companies in advance if they commit human rights and the socially responsible behaviour can have.

The health scientist Ingrid Mühlhauser, who is also Chairperson of the working group on women’s health, the critical. The UNFPA show no awareness of the problem, “which relates to the credibility of health information by pharmaceutical companies”. Women should be given information, which correspond to the latest state of the science. On Bayer’s Website, however, “completely”, how much uncertainty is behind the statements made there.

Also some of the other organizations, Bayer announced as a supporter, to defend, demand their participation in the campaign. The Partner of the world-prevention tags have “different strategies” to ensure the effectiveness of the campaign, said Beth butcher, Executive Director of the Initiative “Family Planning 2020”, which is funded by the Gates Foundation and the Federal government. Your organization did not receive any money for participation.

Distorted Information

The umbrella organisation “International Planned Parenthood Federation,” declared that Bayer is one of the many partners with whom the Association for better education to prevent issues work together. To the Association, the Organisation Pro Familia, the uses according to their spokesperson for the world verhütungstag, “to make on certain topics related to the prevention of attention belongs”. This, however, is “regarded not as an advertisement for a Bayer campaign”. And: The run Pro Familia-Bundesverband “no commercial cooperation with Bayer”.

Also, the Federal centre for health education, it is important to make use of occasions, “to experiences which the subject of the prevention of public attention”, explains the authority upon demand. So she wanted to allow the population, “access to quality, secure, neutral Knowledge”.

Exactly but on Bayer’s campaign page to the world verhütungstag not the case, says health researcher Mühlhauser. “You know, that’s also been times were analysed: the websites of The manufacturers provide distorted information.”

The Leverkusen-based group of self-sees it quite differently, and represents the campaign platform as a kind of service to humanity. Bayer feels obliged “his expertise and his many years of experience in women’s health to improve education about reproductive well-being”.