A long life of rich people was a myth

Researchers from the University of Copenhagen (Denmark) found that a long life of rich people is nothing more than a myth: in fact, these minions of fortune live about the same as living poor. The results of a research project of Danish scientists who have studied this issue, has published the journal PNAS.

It is considered that the impact of wealth on long life is something certain: in the end, money buys the ability to care for themselves, eat well, and to visit the highly skilled professionals. In addition, in favor of this version say and research data. For example, researchers from Harvard and Stanford universities came to the conclusion that the most rich and successful US citizens are different and more long life live on average 6.5 years longer than the poor.

But Danish scientists stated: the importance of wealth for a lifetime is greatly overstated, and the rich who qualify for a long life only because of their status they can not.

In particular, researchers have indicated that social and economic status of a person, unlike most animals, changes during life, and sometimes dramatically. To understand how much wealth affects the longitude of life, the researchers used data on life expectancy, disease, and income from the millions of Danes who died during the period from 1980 to 2013. Experts tracked how varied their life after 40 years.

As a result, scientists have found that, on average, forty rich people live three years longer than poor peers. But as you get closer to retirement the impact of wealth on long life gradually disappears, and 60 and 70 years and non-existent.

“The role of social factors in determining longevity today can significantly overstated,” concluded the study authors.
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