Blood test detects early ovarian cancer

Australian researchers from the Universities of Adelaide and Griffith developed a new, able to detect ovarian cancer at an early stage a blood test. About the technology reported in the journal Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications.

The creation of such a blood test was made possible after studies of bacterial toxin with the surface of cancer cells. This test is a real breakthrough, because previously to detect ovarian cancer at an early stage was a very difficult task for doctors. According to the researchers, they have developed a blood test successfully detects the presence of markers of ovarian cancer, 90% of women in the early stages of the disease, and in the later stages 100% of the samples.

“This detection of tumor markers can make a significant rol simple liquid biopsy for monitoring disease and treatment at an early stage,” said the biochemist.
Ovarian cancer – the second most common gynecological cancer disease in the world. Often ovarian cancer in the early phase of its development goes unnoticed, without symptoms.

Earlier Magicforum wrote about another discovery by scientists associated with the ability to detect cancer in early stages. Scientists have found that the imminent development of cancer can indicate an increased content in the cells of specific molecules of SGLT2.