Cigarettes contain sugar, which makes them more toxic

American scientists from the University of North Carolina at chapel hill published in the journal Nicotine and Tobacco Research article, which say that cigarettes contain added sugar, which contributes to addiction to Smoking, but also increases the concentration of toxic substances in tobacco smoke. Most smokers are not aware of the added sugar in cigarettes, the researchers note.

The researchers conducted a survey involving 4350 adult cigarette smokers who were asked questions related to the fact the added sugar in cigarettes. It turned out that only a very small number of smokers are aware that cigarettes are present sugar, and not just present, but also makes them more toxic. Only 5.5% of respondents knew about the added sugar in cigarettes and only 3.8% of the total number of participants knew about how it is unsafe.

The researchers inform you of that added to cigarettes the sugar serves to reduce the rigidity of smoke. But, according to experts, the presence of sugar makes the tobacco smoke is not only softer for the smoker, but also more toxic.

“Added sugar in cigarettes creates the triad of death. It makes cigarettes more attractive, but more deadly. Smokers should seek to know that they smoke, while they don’t do it”, – quotes the experts log.
Scientists say that the information about added sugar in cigarettes should be more widely distributed – this will contribute to the prevention of Smoking, no doubt they are.

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