Created a new drug against tuberculosis

The journal ACS Infectious Diseases announced a new drug that was developed by scientists from India and USA. The drug is an antibiotic that rapidly destroys the bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosi (the tubercle Bacillus), the causative agents of dangerous diseases.

According to the researchers, the bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosi have the ability to hide inside cells that are resistant to antibiotics. Vulnerable these microorganisms can only be when you are in search of an object for infection. The developers have managed to develop a formulation of the drug, is able to get to the bacteria at this moment.

“Extremely aggressive active components of the medication capture electrons of some molecules, making them dangerous to the whole body and is able to penetrate the cell to combat the causative agent of tuberculosis”, – reported in the publication about the principle of a new drug.
Resistance of the causative agents of tuberculosis to drugs is a major problem of its therapy, aggravated in recent years. According to experts, the appearance of drug resistant tuberculosis contributes both incorrectly chosen medical strategy and interrupt patient treatment.

Tuberculosis, previously considered a “disease of social bottom” is no longer a disease only of marginal segments of the population. In Russia tuberculosis is predominantly people aged 18-44 years. To TB especially vulnerable family members of the patient, smokers, and people with chronic lung diseases, diabetes. The hormonal drugs for a long time can also be a contributing factor in the development of the disease.

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