Created a test for the selection of embryos in IVF with high intelligence

The developers of the American company Genomic Prediction have created a test that will allow you to choose the embryos of IVF with the highest level of intelligence. It can be used to identify embryos with a tendency to dementia.

“Test for prenatal screening allows to predict a high risk of dementia or probability of a number of diseases at the stage of embryo IVF” – spoke about his know-how of its creators.
In addition, the test developed by scientists may indicate the IQ level – for example, the backlog of embryos from normal levels of intelligence, or, conversely, the level of IQ much higher than average. Genomic Prediction has become the first company in the world, made the initiative to assess the risks polygenetic abnormalities in embryos and not in adults.

Scientists point to the fact that when ECO is already long enough, you can perform simple genetic tests. In particular, it is possible to identify embryos with cystic fibrosis or down syndrome. However, the levels of intelligence depend on the actions of a variety of genes.

“Testinstance accurate for predicting IQ for each embryo, but can specify which of them will deviate from the norm, that is, to have IQ 25 points lower than average. Also the tests will reveal a high risk of heart disease, breast cancer, diabetes and inflammatory bowel disease” – spoke about the new experts.
This method enables prospective parents to select embryos with potentially higher intelligence. Supporters of ethics do not exactly approve of. However, while such screening in practice is still not applied.

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