Diabetes medication protect memory in senile dementia

Made another breakthrough in the creation of new methods of dealing with senile dementia. Found that diabetes medication can reduce the severity of memory loss that occur with this disorder.

Diabetes medication can help victims of dementia to slow down before the pathological and irreversible memory loss. Scientists from the U.S. wanted to understand why victims of Alzheimer’s with type II diabetes have fewer of the protein plaques in the brain, and provoke forgetfulness. By studying the small blood vessels in the brain of people suffering from senile dementia and diabetes at the same time, they found that the treated with diabetes medication memory status was the best. This allowed to conclude that insulin and Metformin – drugs that help regulate blood sugar levels, also support healthy blood vessels of the brain.

Apparently, these drugs prevent the formation of toxins that cause symptoms of dementia. This conclusion was based on the study of brain 34 people with senile dementia who received treatment for diabetes, plus 30 more victims of Alzheimer’s disease that have this diabetes was not. In the control group there were 19 persons who had no dementia, no diabetes.

“Our findings do not mean that do not have type II diabetes people need to take diabetes medication to improve his state in case of senile dementia, say the researchers. – Such a Council would look unethical. However, it is possible that the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease thanks to our opening to be more targeted and effective. Note that diabetes increases the likelihood of developing dementia, as was proved before.” (READ MORE)