Found the gene for threat of developmental disorders in children

Research has linked genetic mutation with developmental disorders of the nervous system. Experiments with mice will help better deal with the same diseases among children.

An experiment involving laboratory mice, conducted by researchers from the University of California at Los Angeles, showed how changes of specific gene increase the risk of developmental disorders of the nervous system. When the researchers specifically caused the gene mutation that provoked the symptoms at the onset of specific age in the life of animals. We are talking about a gene called GLUT3, which is responsible for carrying glucose to the cells of the brain. GLUT3 plays an important role in the growth of the fetus at an early stage of pregnancy.

Previous studies have linked mutations GLUT3у mice with miscarriage and growth restriction of the fetus in the last trimester. The obtained data can now give science a new understanding of developmental disorders of the nervous system like autism, anxiety disorders and attention deficit with hyperactivity, and also lead to the development of effective treatments.

In recent years, the science gets quite voluminous evidence of the impact of genetic mutations in the development of a variety of conditions, ranging from the banal obesity, which has always been blamed on weak willpower, and ending with the most difficult and incurable diseases. Produced by different groups of scientists methods of editing the genome, in theory, should allow to spare future people from developing genetic diseases at the stage of conception or fetal development. (READ MORE)