Gut bacteria discovered in the brain

Living in the gut symbiotic bacteria inhabit and the brain, – this was stated by the American scientists from University of Alabama at Birmingham. According to Science Magazine, the intestinal bacteria was discovered by researchers in the brain tissue using electron microscopy in healthy people and in people suffering from schizophrenia.

The authors investigated the differences between the brain of healthy people and patients with schizophrenia on tissue fragments that have been preserved for several hours after death. For the first time in these samples of brain intestinal bacteria was seen five years ago. Further research confirmed that this is not a bug.

First, scientists assumed that the intestinal bacteria do not live in the brain during life, and penetrates it from the intestines through the blood immediately after death. However, the experiments with mice given to understand that no – just the process of life.

Until now, research has never found intestinal bacteria in the brain. Perhaps they helped to identify examination of brain tissue under an electron microscope.

“RNA sequencing revealed that most of the detected bacteria belong to the same clade, and that the intestinal symbionts: Firmicutes, Proteobacteria and Bacteroidetes. Maybe they somehow manage to cross the blood brain barrier, or they penetrate the nasal mucosa or the vagus nerve,” – said the author of the discovery.
If it is wrong, then claims to be a sensation. New evidence that the brain maintains a system involving the intestines, it will change the view of science about his work. But the Americans made the discovery have yet to be verified.

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