Heart attacks are threatening people that forget to drink statins every day

Thousands of people suffer heart attacks for the reason that they simply forget to take a daily statin. According to experts,such patients require a more powerful pill in order that their effect lasted longer.

Experts from the UK found that each year in this country more than 12,000 people in vain are faced with heart attacks for the reason that they don’t take statins. The pills for daily use to reduce the dangerously high level of cholesterol, saving thousands of lives every year, and in the world to accept millions of people. Unfortunately, many patients receiving prescriptions for statins from their doctors do not follow the recommendations of doctors and not take the tablets daily. That is why scientists believe that people need to prescribe more powerful drugs to their effects on health were most pronounced.

Researchers from Imperial College London together with colleagues from the University of Leicester observed the use of medication in approximately 16 700 people who had already faced with some cardiovascular diseases like heart attacks and strokes. The analysis of this information showed that only 48 people out of every thousand would have heart attacks if they took a daily potent statins. That is why the experts came to the conclusion that people need a stronger medications that must be taken regularly. In this case, people able to protect themselves from heart attacks and strokes.

“The main message of our study is that long-term statin provides long-term reduction of cholesterol levels, emphasize the researchers. – In terms of reducing the risk of heart attacks and strokes we see that this is achieved precisely those people who drink pills every day. If you for some reason are unable to do this, you may come to the aid of more powerful concentration pill”. (READ MORE)