Hospitals attract patients with cancer is false

Hospitals sell false hope to patients with cancer. The report showed that some medical institutions use deceptive advertising with unusual success stories of those who managed to recover from serious illnesses.

Hospitals are used as advertising stories of patientswho in some strange way was able to recover. Their stories are unusual and highly atypical, but because their recurrence is unlikely. But these success stories hospitals are used as advertising to attract new patients, well able to pay. Thus, as shows the report that hospitals sell is in the form of false hopes for cancer treatment, suggesting some patients have thoughts that they can live much longer than them. The report published in the United States, where the cost of cancer treatment in various private hospitals can reach tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In America, the cancer treatment involved more than 1,200 accredited medical centers each year is approximately 1.7 million of these diagnoses. Statistics show that in the first 5 years after diagnosis of local cancer patients spend in treatment, on average, $280 000, unless of course they are still alive. That’s why local hospitals, that is, push each other’s elbows in an attempt to attract patients by advertising it to themselves and to offer them the best cancer treatment. For many big jackpot the doctors are ready to compete. Hospitals actively use advertising treatment, which appear miraculously recovered patients, who had a very sad diagnosis.

The us Federal trade Commission requires that medical is not applied to information that can create unrealistic expectations from the treatment. However, the hospitals is for the treatment of cancer such tactics and uses, as shown by the report. And it gives very good results, instilling false hope for many patients with cancer. (READ MORE)