Hypertension causes heart attacks and strokes through the bone marrow

Until now, scientists do not fully understand the essence of processes, increasing the risk of heart attack and stroke in hypertension, – now this mechanism is cleared. Baberowski research Institute heart and diabetes (USA) has published on its website a report about the study that allowed the experts to better understand how hypertension triggers the heart attacks and strokes.

The authors concluded that high blood pressure in people with hypertension is associated with disturbances in the production of stem cells and bone marrow function. Data breaches, the scientists believe, contribute to cardiovascular diseases including heart attacks and strokes.

The results of the study indicate that hypertension contributes to excessive activity of the sympathetic nervous system, resulting in a more intense production of white blood cells stem cells of the bone marrow. Ultimately produced more number of blood cells clog blood vessels, increasing the likelihood of cardiovascular abnormalities including heart attack and stroke.

This study, according to scientists, explains pokemonfactory methods of treatment of cardiovascular pathologies with hypertension are ineffective. These therapies do not take into account context, increased pressure in hypertension with the reactions of the immune system. Identified in ecogranite mechanisms will allow to develop new strategies for the treatment of heart failure and other diseases of the cardiovascular system, occurring against the backdrop of destabilization of blood pressure, characteristic of hypertension.

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