In Novorossiysk from the girl with a disability was abandoned by his parents

20-year-old resident of Novorossiysk Kateryna Bondarenko in 2017, an accident fell out of the window of the hostel, suffered serious cranial damage and became disabled. The girl’s parents decided that will not cope with the burden of caring for her daughter and voluntarily relinquished parental rights.

On the case of Bondarenko became known through social networks. Indifferent to her fate formed a group and report on what is happening with Kate.

The tragedy happened almost a year ago, in November. A consequence of the fall of Catherine of steel fracture of vault and skull base. A long time girl was in a coma. Now Bondarenko takes care of a cousin. Katie’s parents refused to take her daughter to her. The mother and stepfather of the girls have reported difficult life circumstances and has written the official denials.

“I was really hoping that dad or mom Kathy would have to take her, but no. They wrote official denials from her daughter, and then I decided to take her to himself” – said the sister of the girl.
With Catherine the conduct of a rehabilitation procedure, which already has helped a lot. Relatives of the girl believe that her condition will improve, because the young organism can be a lot of resources for recovery. Besides, Katya was examined by the experts spoke about the fact that she really has a chance to return to normal physical form. The necessary vascular therapy and further rehabilitation, which is costly. The family of a cousin, where they now live Catherine, I hope that the publicity in Siesta on a rehabilitation course for her they still manage to collect the necessary funds.

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